ISDN modules

    To enhance their performance capability,
    • AGFEO P400 AS 40 ISDN systems can be fitted with the AGFEO processor module P 400. This is not an AGFEO module in the conventional sense, and so should be replaced only by qualified engineers.
    • S0 module 420 The S0 module 420 with two ISDN S0 basic access ports, one external port and one switchable optionally external or internal port. At the internal ISDN port up to two digital ISDN system phones (ST 25 or ST 30) can be connected, for example.
    • S0 module 440 The S0 module 440 has four switchable ISDN ports. With this module you can easily operate up to eight ST 25 or ST 30 digital system phones on the AS 40.


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