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Modular ISDN PABX System AS 100 IT in a 19 inch rack mounted metal housing. (Height = 3 U, Depth = 30 cm (12 inches)). This telephone system can be tailor made with numerous proven AGFEO Modules for the IT environment in a 19 inch rack mounted version. The AS 100 IT will be delivered with 5 free module slots and 5 blankingplates, therefore an individual powerful ISDN system can be assembled which will leave no wish unfulfilled. The system can be build with various AGFEO Modules and have a maximum capacity of up to 39 ports. If two AS 100 IT are used then the maximum system capacity can be up to 78 ports. To link two systems together a relevant patch panel is needed in addition to the AGFEO V-Paket 4000, which consist of one V-Module 410, V-Module 402 and a 1 metre patch lead. When fully configured the front of the AS 100 IT will contain 5 patch panels for structured cabling. This will allow the AGFEO PABX system to be very easily integrated into any existing network with minimum of effort. This is also supported by front mounted connections for a PC as well as for an audio input for music on hold and a LC Display.


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