ST 25
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    The ST25 digital system phone is suitable for connection to the internal ISDN bus of an AGFEO ISDN telecommunications system. The connection to the internal ISDN bus allows all the benefits of a system phone to also be enjoyed on the AC 141 WebPhonie plus and the modular expandable telecommunications systems of the Basic-Line. Also, the Business-Line and Profi-Line telephone systems can be extended to include additional system phones, even if all the Varioports are occupied - more system phones for more users.

    The ST 25 digital system phone allows you to have complete control over your ISDN system in a user-friendly manner: Speed dial keys and function keys for all features provide convenience telephony at the push of a button. And the large-format display keeps you permanently up-to-the-minute on the current status of the entire system.

    ST 25 - smart way to Phone
      People who spend a lot of time on the phone like to keep their hands free, which is why the ST 25 digital system phone comes with a headset connection!
      With a feather-light headset, the AGFEO TK-Phone software application and a PC, the ST 25 is turned into a professional teleworking workstation, for the switchboard operator or order processing staff for example. To toggle conveniently between handset and headset operation, just use one of the customizable function keys.

      ST 25 - The intelligent way to make phone calls
        • Connection to any internal ISDN bus of an AGFEO ISDN system headset connection (lightweight headset) with function key
        • User guidance on large-format display
        • CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation, caller number/name display based on cross-check against phonebook)
        • Display of date and time
        • Information on current system status, e.g. indication of active extensions, busy outside lines, call diversion, etc.
        • Dial preparation
        • Extended redial (last 5 numbers dialed)
        • Automatic redial
        • Custom speed dialing
        • Customizable function keys
        • Line keys for manual MSN and S0 assignment
        • Door opener and door phone unit key
        • Activation of call diversion and call deflection by key press
        • Centralized call charge recording
        • Advice of charge also during call
        • Appointment and wake-up calls
        • Call list
        • Handsfree and open listening
        • Voice calling
        • Intercom function
        • Selection of numbers stored in phonebook by name


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