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Telephone Answering Machine (TAM) A-Module 40 with Announcement Management System

This module is designed for use with the ST 31/ST 40 and slots into the module bay underneath the telephone.
It is ready for immediate use with its pre-recorded messages.

40 minutes recording time

Pre-recorded messages included

Remote interrogation with voice prompts

The display of the system telephone will give information such as callers name and number, time of call, incoming line and length of message

Outgoing Announcements can be switched on or off via the system timer

Fixed Network SMS sending / receiving will be supported by the ST31/ST 40 System Phones.
‘A-Module 40’ required

WAV file import and playback. Instead of a standard ring tone this phone can “ring” in any sound you require.

The TAM can play up to 6 individual messages for different callers.

• i.e. Customer groups are specified by their telephone numbers and will hear individual information such as advertising before they are further connected.
• Your Partner for instance. Individual messages can be recorded by the answering machine directly via the telephone handset. Should your partner ring, then the answering machine will identify the call by the telephone number and play automatically the associated message.


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