Call charge management


In view of its current relevance, we are reproducing here once again the following information on the subject of call charge management:
based on internal memory enhancements to implement new features, one of the areas modified was that of call charge data management.
In the AGFEO AS 40 version 3.5 onwards there is no longer any overflow of call charge data. That is to say, new data no longer pushes "older" data out of the memory !
As soon as the internal call charge data memory is full to its capacity of 2000 entries, no new data is overflowed.
The Tk-Soft Tk-Bill application [version 6.0(64)] has a memory capacity indicator on the top line, a "Query call charge memory" button and a "Delete call charge memory" button.
This means you can see the available memory capacity at any time and delete the already evaluated data as and when necessary.

The next firmware version, which will also support the STE 30, you will be able to automate the deletion of already evaluated data. That will mean, as soon as Tk-Bill has polled the call charges the data will be automatically deleted and the full memory capacity will again be available for new data. In this way, regular readout of the call charge data ensures that you always have sufficient memory capacity available.


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