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You can still use call numbers outside the pre-programmed decade on the system port ?

And this is how:
You have a system port with the rump number 7711-0.
Your network provider has assigned you the number range 0-79.
In your system you have programmed the decade 10 (11-59).
You want your Sales department (extensions 13-17) to be reachable under the direct dial number -77.

1. Under "External ISDN" enter a "PTP_DDI" entry for your external S0 port with the call number "771177".
2. In the "Service mode" area on the line 771177 enter the internal call numbers 13 to 17.
3. Download your programmed configuration into your system !

External calls to the 7711-77 number are signaled to internal extensions 13 to 17 !

PS: There should of course also be an entry "PTP, 7711" under "External ISDN" !


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