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LCR (Least Cost Routing)


You can implement a dual fallback on the AGFEO AS 1xx+, AS 33/34, AS 40 and AC14 Phonie telecommunications systems ?

The following example relates to a Telekom line connection.

When the carrier and number bands have been defined, the desired carriers are entered on the various lines.
The "First selection" is set as Carrier1, the "Fallback selection" Carrier2.
For the "fallback" case, three dial attempts are programmed.

So when an outgoing call is dialed, the following functionality takes effect:
A dialed external number is recognized in one of the programmed call number bands.
A maximum of three attempts are made to dial via Carrier1. If Carrier1's lines are busy on each of the three dial attempts, the next three attempts are made via Carrier2. If Carrier2's lines are also all busy on each of the three attempts made by the system, the next dial-out is handled via Telekom (your default provider).
At that point at the latest, your call to the external destination should be connected.

This function does essentially require the "congested" message from the registered carriers !


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