AC14 Phonie firmware: As from now ..........
AC14 Phonie
Firmware releases


firmware 1.5 is available for the AC14 Phonie : Datenbank 'AGFEO Homepage3', Ansicht '01 Pflege\18 SW/FW Historie', Dokument 'Com-Line'

Additions and upgrades have been made in the following areas:
    • Call through
    • Remote interrogation
    • Switch box
    • ISDN call forwarding
    • CLIP (caller ID to analog extensions)
    • Adaptation to Nokia exchanges (Citycarrier)

Please make sure you are using the latest Configurator version. See also here: Datenbank 'AGFEO Homepage3', Ansicht '01 Pflege\03 Software', Dokument 'Firmware und PC-Software zum Konfigurieren '

If you are an end user, please contact your accredited dealer.


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