Part 2: Not ‘JUST ONLY’ an Answering Machine
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Not ‘JUST ONLY’ an Answering Machine

This feature is a continuation from our last newsletter 11-06 in which we described the various outgoing announcements available on the answering machine module. Another
useful feature is that the answering machine can call you once a message has been received and playback the callers message over the telephone without the need to go back to the office or phone in to check for messages. The unit can also record telephone conversations at the push of a button. You may be interested to know that only one warning tone will be audible at the beginning of the recording. But that’s not all. If you ever used an answering machine you know that many times you forgot to turn the unit on. OK, you say if that happens most machines can be turned on or off remotely. Yes, that’s true so can ours. But what is unique to our systems is that all messages can be controlled by the telephone system itself. This means that the answering machine could be turned on automatically at 5 PM and off at 9 AM the next day. But it does not end here, in addition you could turn the unit back on between 1 PM and 2 PM giving an announcement only message to advise that the office is closed for lunch. Our next newsletter will cover announcements linked to call filters.
*) Note: Some features described are firmware dependant.


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