Advantages of a Up0 connection
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Advantages of a Up0 connection

In comparison to an internal ISDN Bus of a telephone system offers the Up0 connection various advantages. This type of interface has been specifically developed for use with telephone systems. The advantages of this type of connection lies in the ease of installation and the none sensitivity against interference.
Some existing or older types of cable installations make it sometimes impossible to construct a “clean” S0 Bus due to cable lengths, junction boxes and other unforeseen obstacles. Fault finding in these installations is sometimes extreme difficult and very time consuming. This is were the Up0 connection is absolutely perfect. Long cable runs of up to 1000 m and none polarity consciousness make this type of connection ideal for existing wiring.
Also, in the case of a CAT 5 installation the use of 100 Ohm termination resistors are not always possible, and if you use resistors in sockets, then the CAT 5 installation will no longer be to specification. Another way is the use of adaptors which will terminate the ISDN Bus. In any case both options will be very involved and not always easy to implement. This of course will be a lot more simplified with a Up0 connection. This type of wiring goes from one point to another and termination resistors are not required. In addition Up0 will be installed in a star wiring arrangement and therefore interference between devices do not exists.
Up0 connectivity will be offered with the AGFEO AS 43, AS 45 and AS 200 IT systems. NOTE: You need a Up0 Module and Up0 System Phones.


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