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AC 14 WEB Phonie
Using convenience functions more efficiently


The CLIP function (caller ID to analog extensions) in the AC 14 WEB Phonie has been expanded !
Once you have decided for each individual extension whether the connected terminal is to receive the CLIP information at all, you can then additionally define the format of the CLIP information system-wide.
In addition to the call number, transmission of the caller name (entry from the centralized phonebook or internally assigned name) and the date and time can be activated.

By choosing transmission of the name you do not need to also make the entry on your terminal. The transmitted date and time is entered in the call list of the analog phone. Then, when you check the call list you can see when someone called you.

If you want to use this function, make sure beforehand that the terminal equipment you are using supports this Caller ID feature.

Your accredited dealer will have the appropriate equipment from a variety of manufacturers.


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