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We would like to share the following memo from a dealer with you:

"Hi there AGFEO Team,
I have just found out purely by chance:
With a DeTeWe Eurix 240/245 mobile phone, logged into the DECT module, you can very easily get a status display for the AS40! Just tap the "On" key... The set goes "off-hook" and indicates the system's occupancy status. On a Siemens Micro this does not work (comment from AGFEO: On most Siemens convenience handsets it works via the INT key). I have not yet been able to test it with other units.
See figure 1
And dialing from the phonebook works as well!
See figure 2
Were you aware of that?

By the way:
The clip (with the little button) is fully compatible with the Nokia unit/AGFEO DECT30 and the headset from DeTeWe (Plantronics) is also fully compatible.

Best regards

Alexander Becker
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