How to enable Internet Telephony..
Internet Telephony


How to enable Internet Telephony or WAN Interconnection on existing AGFEO PABX installations?

During this years CeBIT AGFEO has presented the solution for making non-modular, existing AGFEO telephone systems ready for Internet Telephony. With the help of a LANCOM router this not just allows the user to make phone calls over the Internet. SIP terminal devices and ISDN phones can also be integrated into the system. To make this feasible, the Voice-over-IP-capable LANCOM router is connected to an internal and external ISDN interface of the AGFEO telephone system.

Your AGFEO customer needs to change nothing in the way he usually makes his calls. Not even the telephone on his desk. The Least Cost Routing (LCR) in the AGFEO telephone system will automatically decide whether savings can be made by calling the person over a broadband connection. If the broadband connection is not working for any reason, and no connection can be made between the two locations, the call can also be made over the conventional fixed telephone network. Both the AGFEO PABX System and LANCOM router make this decision automatically, so that the caller can still reach the person he wants to talk to. All of this happens in the background and the user has not to worry about the selctected communication path for his phone call.

The LANCOM router and the AGFEO telephone system complement each other and provide the advantages of both worlds. Even a Voice-Over-IP Solution for WAN Interconnection of Existing AGFEO PABX Systems is not a problem. Retaining the existing numbering plan, this solution offers users accustomed telephony features and a considerable saving potential for companies. Internal calls between locations can be made over the Internet using cost-efficient broadband connections. Data security is guaranteed via encryption.

Using the system is as simple as can be. The caller chooses the number of the person he wants to call at the distant location. The LANCOM router identifies the location the connection is to be made to using the number based on the dialled number. A LANCOM router also comes into use when forwarding the data to the connected AGFEO PABX System


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