NEW! Firmware 8.2i


Our new firmware 8.2i will shortly be available.
This firmware will support new hardware such as:
LAN-Module 508
Additional extensions can be connected to the telephone system by utilising an existing data network. Up to 8 ST 40 IP System Phones can be connected to this LAN module. Another advantage is that the telephone system can also be programmed by using the LAN connection. A maximum of 2 modules may be installed per system.
S2M-Module 500
This is a primary rate ISDN module which is also refered to as ISDN 30. A maximum of 20 channels may be utilised via this module.
ST 40 IP System Phone
This IP based AGFEO System Phone can be connected to an existing data network (LAN/WAN). Additional wiring will therefore become obsolete. This telephone may also be connected to an AGFEO PBX System with either a LAN-Module 508 or LAN-Module 510.


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