S0 module 440: Did you know ..........


A protective circuit is integrated into the S0 module 440.
S0 ports 1 and 2 and S0 ports 3 and 4 are each supplied as pairs of different voltage sources.

As soon as a short-circuit occurs on a connected S0 bus, the "faulty" S0 port and the associated second S0 port in the pair are shut down.

The two other remaining S0 ports remain operative.

To reactivate the two disabled S0 ports, cut the load from both ports (by disconnecting the connected S0 buses) !

Repair the short-circuit (e.g.: line fault, ISDN boxes used, terminals) !

The two S0 ports are back on line once you have reconnected the S0 buses and plugged the terminals back in.


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