"New 2/8/1 System including Auto Attendant"


New 2/8/1 System including Auto Attendant

Our new 2 line analogue trunk line system will be available within a few weeks. The AS 281 All In One has a capacity of 2 analogue trunk lines, 8 SLT’s and 1 switchable BRI line. The switchable BRI line can either be used to connect 2 AGFEO Digital System Phones, or if switched to external could accommodate an ISDN line, either Point to Point or Point to Multi Point. Internet telephony can also be utilised if the analogue trunk line of the system is connected to an ATA adapter. This makes the system extremely versatile. But the best thing is the on board auto attendant. Here too versatility is of utmost importance. The auto attendant is able to answer two calls simultaneously, another feature is that it can have two different operation modes such as day or night service. If operated in supervised mode it will inform the caller if the selected extension is engaged and can offer, if so programmed, for the caller to leave a message after pressing a digit. NOTE: To leave a message would require an answering machine. Never the less this feature is very powerful. For example a caller can also be routed automatically to an answering machine if the permitted on hold time is exceeded, or if so required can drop the call after another announcement is made, such as: ”Sorry we are very busy please try again later”. However, I would know of no business who is turning customers away. Another quite unique feature is that information can also be played. This could be that the caller is given various types of selections one of which could be for opening hours press 1. Once selected a preassigned message can be played given the opening hours of the business. Other areas of applications could be time tables, information on theatre or cinemas programs. Applications could be endless.


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