Music on Hold


The AGFEO AIS module contains pre-recorded Music on Hold with a reassuring message such as: ”Please hold the line“. Certain systems offer this module as an optional extra. The newer systems such as the AS 281 AIO, AS 35, AS 35 AIO, AS 43, AS 45 and AS 200 IT have this AIS module as part of the motherboard as standard. The pre-recorded music on hold may be changed at any time.
You may also record this module with your own tailor made music or messages. Any professional prepared messages can be in a CD format which then may be uploaded to the AIS module using the AIS configuration tool. Please observe the relevant copyright laws The advantage of using the AIS module and not a CD player is that the AIS module will never ever stop. Not like a CD player which can be temperamental at times and in some case may stop working all together. The AIS module will deliver your message 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no moving parts which are liable to wear and tear. The AIS configuration tool is available from our home page at


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